The motor insurance of the old Leipziger in the test / experiences


The former direct insurance of Gothaer Versicherungsbank can not only stand up to the competition in the subject-related test reports, the customer’s experience is also largely positive. For example, ASSTEL’s motor insurance can also prevail in the analysis of serviceValue and Focus Money and achieve the fairness seal. Also in the investigations of the Stiftung Warentest there are top results. With a good test result, the Cologne insurer can also convince in the DISQ study.

The fact that a change in motor insurance is not only cost-saving, the tests show.

The Stiftung Warentest examines family rates

At the Stiftung Warentest, the experts are not just dedicated to conventional insurance, but also the variants for the entire family are being tested. One of the test winners in this important category is also the Cologne car insurance, which has beaten only the AdmiralDirekt. The best 5 in the rate test are:

  • Rank 01: AdmiralDirekt
  • Rank 02: Asstel
  • Rank 03: Direct Line
  • Rank 04: Hannoversche
  • Rank 05: WGV

The family rate can be chosen among the best insurances. All the damages that are connected with the family car are covered by the car insurance.


Interesting providers of motor insurance

Classic liability insurance up to fully comprehensive insurance

Gothaer Versicherung and ASSTEL Direktversicherung have meanwhile been merged and offer sufficient insurance benefits, which also include a replacement value of up to 24 months after admission. There is also an anti-theft device, which provides the replacement value in the first twelve months. The purchase of a used car is sufficiently secured. On-board electronics and other accessories are also included in the comprehensive motor insurance. The motor insurance of the former ASSTEL Autoversicherung provides cover of up to € 10,000. To determine the price of a car insurance, simply use the tariff calculator.

DISQ reports on experiences and tests the best car insurance

In another test report, the customers themselves are interviewed in order to be able to establish a ranking. Test winner will be the renowned Hannoversche Versicherung, which can achieve a very good overall rating. The ranking looks like this:

  1. 1st place: Hannoversche 86,1
  2. 2nd place: CosmosDirekt 85.7
  3. Place 03: Allsecur 85.3
  4. 4th place: HUK24 80.5
  5. Place 05: DA Direkt 78.4
  6. Place 06: Sparkassen Direktversicherung 77,7
  7. Place 07: Ergo Direct 77.6
  8. Place 08: HDI 76.8
  9. Place 09: Direct Line 75.0
  10. 10th place: Europe 74.8
  11. 11th place: Asstel 74.8
  12. 12th place: Other direct insurers

At least 100 customer reviews were required in the investigation in order to obtain a placement. Tested on behalf of the sender for news and news NTV. Find out more about Europe car insurance if you like.

Other benefits in comfort protection

In the midst of car liability is a high coverage in case of damage. Among other things, the loss of the mobile navigation devices, the collision with animals, including the consequential damage, which should come about due to animal bites. In addition, roof avalanches , mudslides and avalanches are covered. Vehicle replacement keys and locks are reimbursed after burglary or robbery. In addition to Gothaer / Asstel insurance, other insurance companies such as HUK Versicherungen are also able to assert themselves in the test reports. You can also see the current test winner rates here.




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