Some health insurance premiums drop as a result of ACA expansion | Local News


Nationally, the US bailout made an additional 3.7 million people eligible for premium grants under the ACA, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Before the federal relief program, people earning more than 400% of the federal poverty level – about $ 51,500 for an individual or $ 106,000 for a family of four – were not eligible for federal assistance. The cap has been lifted so that no one pays more than 8.5% of their income to health insurance.

The new arrangements last for two years.

Jeremy Smith, program director for MT Navigator – a nonprofit enrollment support group – said the extended enrollment period, along with the lower prices and expanded eligibility, is the thing. largest ever to health care in Montana since the deployment of the ACA.

“Thousands of residents have obtained health coverage since the ACA rolled out in 2013, but we know that coverage was still out of reach for many families,” Smith said. “These expanded grants will make coverage more affordable immediately for almost anyone who wants to sign up for Marketplace. “

On average, MT Navigator said premiums would drop by $ 50 per person per month or $ 85 per monthly policy. Four in five registrants will find a monthly plan of $ 10 or less after premium tax credits.

In the past, Higginbotham has said she has worked with people who have struggled to find a plan they can afford. Either they earned too much to qualify for Medicaid, or they weren’t able to get enough tax credits to make purchasing a plan realistic.


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