Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese meet in first leaders’ debate


Catherine, a mother of an autistic son, says she is worried about the shortage of funds and is asking leaders about the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Morrison asked for the name of his son (Ethan) and said the NDIS is a great program because it’s not welfare and praises it as one of the “greatest social policy innovations” that Australia has ever undertaken and congratulated former Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

He said the plan is good but still under construction and more expensive than Medicare and not without fault.

He said the government would look into her case personally as she said she could not access funding due to program cuts.

Albanese said it is always Labor that makes the big changes in people’s lives and the National Disability Insurance Scheme is an example of this.

But he did not commit to increasing the funds.

Premier Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese.Credit:Toby Zerna

Morrison asked for a follow-up and again praised Labor and former leader Bill Shorten for the program.

He noted that the Labor Party created Medicare, but said, “It’s always the Liberals and the Nationals who have to figure out how to pay for these things.”

He said that’s why it’s important to keep the economy at the center of elections.

Albanese then listed other major reforms introduced by the government, including paid parental leave and the national broadband network, and said the government did not have big items on the agenda like the last government. labor.

“You can’t be afraid of the future, you have to shape the future and the problem with this government is that it is treading water,” he said.


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