Sanasa Life Insurance appoints new Chief Operating Officer


Sanasa Life Insurance Company (SLICL) IT Manager Nuwanpriya Gunawardena has been appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Principal Officer after successfully leading the company’s digitization campaign over the past few years.

Nuwanpriya Gunawardena said: “I started my career at Sanasa Life Insurance Company in 2006 when I joined the IT department as a senior manager. My role primarily involved networking and network security, but over the years I have worked my way up through the ranks showing passion, hard work and dedication in all aspects of my roles.

“I am proud to have started the company’s digitization campaign long before the pandemic arrived at the beginning of last year, because when it hit us in March 2020, we were already on a good footing to use technology to carry out our daily lives. functions. In my new role as COO, I am confident to take our digitization initiatives to the next level so that together we can achieve even more benefits from technology. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to our CEO, Indika Kiriwandeniya, for his strategic leadership and support in driving this digitization process, ”he said. Gunawardena accelerated the digitization process during the pandemic period to ensure the company was able to successfully overcome prevailing operational uncertainties. As a result, the company is now well positioned to move forward when the pandemic situation eases and the economy is ready to reopen.

It was under his leadership that team members worked in an infrastructure-ready atmosphere. They have also digitized smaller-scale branch operations to high-level management operations through digital means. To manage the board meetings, they used cutting edge digital platforms. When the pandemic arrived in March 2020 and the country went into containment, the company was able to quickly switch all processes to an online platform, ensuring minimal disruption to its operations. This was done by successfully digitizing its workflow management process.

This has enabled Sanasa Life to streamline processes and increase productivity across the business by converting the majority of its manual processes outside of the central system into a digitized workflow. While there were challenges during the early stages of this transition, as was the case with all other businesses around the world, the company quickly trained all staff on how to effectively manage their jobs. when working online, manage online meetings in a professional and productive manner. and achieve the best results that meet the objectives of the company and its customers.

A significant change in mindset was required by company staff to adjust to the Work from Home (WFH) situation where there were many challenges such as connectivity issues and difficulty in find a suitable work environment for working from home.


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