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SafeAuto car insurance at a glance

Monthly premium costs:

  • 35-year-old woman with a clean criminal record: $ 220.50
  • 35-year-old man with a clean criminal record: $ 235.16
  • 35-year-old woman with an accident: $ 308.75
  • 18-year-old male with a clean criminal record: $ 556.08

Cover options:

  • Full
  • Collision
  • Responsibility
  • High risk
  • SR-22
  • Rental car coverage
  • Protection of uninsured and underinsured motorists
  • Road assistance
  • Accidental death cover

Best benefits

Non-standard policies

Providing the minimum coverage required by the state is SafeAuto’s bread and butter, as is providing high-risk auto insurance to drivers that other insurers may reject. For example, SafeAuto works with drivers who require SR-22 coverage.

SR-22 is not insurance, but a document provided by a driver’s insurance company proving that the driver has purchased motor vehicle liability insurance. Although laws vary from state to state, the drivers required to have an SR-22 generally fall into one of the following categories:

  • Drivers involved in a responsible accident without insurance
  • Drivers convicted of impaired or impaired driving
  • Drivers whose license has been suspended or revoked
  • Repeat drivers (drivers involved in serious or multiple traffic offenses)

Increase access to digital services

This auto insurance company offers online and mobile services, making it easy for customers to make claims and change their policies.

Payment flexibility

SafeAuto strives to provide payment plans that their customers can afford, and a payment method that works for them. Because the company offers a monthly payment plan, a customer can work “backwards.” In other words, they can decide how much they can afford to pay monthly, and then choose the level of coverage they can afford at that time. As their financial situation changes, they can upgrade to more comprehensive coverage.

Plus, SafeAuto allows customers to pay by check, credit card, debit card, money order, or cashier’s check. For added convenience, customers can also sign up for automatic payment.

What could be improved

Shaky customer satisfaction

While SafeAuto scores a respectable 3.6 out of 5 stars on its own website, it only earns 1.4 out of 5 stars on Many complaints concerned late payments made following an accident.

Best choices available for drivers with high credit scores

SafeAuto is more likely than some companies to insure a driver with a low credit score. However, drivers with a high credit score almost always have money upfront while working with another auto insurance company.

Limited availability

Currently, SafeAuto is only available in 28 states, which could prove problematic for customers moving to another state.


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