NOTICE: Bills signed by Governor Edwards


Today Governor John Bel Edwards announced that he has signed the following bills into law beginning with the 2022 regular legislative session.

ACT 588—SB 45 Requires all public school governing authorities to adopt certain policies regarding cameras in certain classrooms by December 31, 2022.

ACT 589—SB 90 Provides information regarding network suitability for health insurer benefit plans.

ACT 590—SB 183 Provides relative transparency in the application process for any state-issued license or permit.

ACT 591—SB 212 establishes the Hurricane Mediation Program.

ACT 592—SB 333 Provides information relating to boards and commissions.

ACT 593—SB 396 Provides provisions relating to the bail requirement of a surety after the issuance of a notice of arrest warrant.

ACT 594—SB 430 Authorizes the Concordia Parish School Board to name the new gymnasium at Monterey High School in honor of Jack Bairnsfather.

ACT 595—SB 28 Provides adjustments related to the audit of state partnerships.

ACT 596—SB 95 Creates the multi-parish audit program for local sales tax.

ACT 597—SB 167 Provides emergency preparedness plans for nursing homes.

ACT 598—SB 437 Authorizes the creation of the Louisiana Timber and Agriculture Transportation Group self-insurance funds.

ACT 599—HB 817 Provides information regarding the membership of the The. Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Criminal Justice.

ACT 600—HB 830 Provides fees for certain actions by corporations.

ACT 601—HB 1021 Provides for the re-employment of retirees from the Louisiana teachers’ retirement system in critical shortage situations.

ACT 602—HB 42 Provides an exception to the crime of illegally carrying arms for retired justices of the peace.

ACT 603—HB 57 Provides privileges relating to homeowner associations.

ACT 604—HB 97 Extends the termination date applicable to dike restoration or rehabilitation work not subject to public tender.

ACT 605—HB 100 Provides information relating to the Avoyelles Parish Local Government Gaming Mitigation Fund.

ACT 606—HB 123 Provides Louisiana National Guard death and disability benefits.

ACT 607—HB 136 Requires dyslexia education as a component of teacher training programs.

ACT 608—HB 161 Provides supporting office expense allowance for members of the legislature.

ACT 609—HB 173 Provides background check information for a gaming license.

ACT 610—HB 174 Provides criminal record checks for explosives handling licenses.

ACT 611—HB 193 Provides information related to Historic Preservation Districts and Landmarks Commissions in the City of New Orleans.

ACT 612—HB 204 Provides regarding the parties to whom the registrar of civil status may issue a death certificate.

ACT 613—HB 224 Provides information about Louisiana State Law Institute meetings.

ACT 614—HB 272 Provides for mental health assessments in divorce and custody proceedings.

ACT 615—HB 282 Provides information related to the probation of defendants in drug division probation programs or specialty court programs.

ACT 616—HB 284 Removes references to the Metropolitan Hospital Council of New Orleans in various provisions of the act.

ACT 617—HB 315 provides the bill of rights for blind and visually impaired students.

ACT 618—HB 357 Provides polling station information.

ACT 619—HB 384 Requires pediatric day care facilities to install and operate cameras on their premises.

ACT 620—HB 403 Provides for the possession and use of community property following a petition for divorce.

ACT 621—HB 409 Prohibits the issuance of a subpoena in lieu of arrest for certain crimes of domestic violence.

ACT 622—HB 416 Provides information related to screening students for dyslexia and other barriers to learning.

ACT 623—HB 420 Provides for continued technical corrections and revision of the provisions of Title 36 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes.

ACT 624—HB 423 Requires public school governing authorities to provide high school students with the opportunity to register to vote.

ACT 625—HB 431 Provides DNA database cross-references.

ACT 626—HB 440 Provides instruction on eating disorders in schools.

ACT 627—HB 460 Expands the purposes for which a parish authority may levy a tax relating to early childhood programs.

ACT 628—HB 553 Provides information regarding fitness requirements for individuals associated with the production of medical marijuana.

ACT 629—HB 607 Provides penalties for the crime of simple cruelty to animals.

ACT 630—HB 615 Provides information related to law enforcement records.

ACT 631—HB 689 Provides for Seafood Retailer License.

ACT 632—HB 703 Provides provisions for repair contracts following a natural disaster.

ACT 633—HB 727 Provides uniform prerequisites for finalizing adoption.

ACT 634—HB 745 Provides information regarding the Officers Bill of Rights.

ACT 635—HB 803 Provides information regarding the State Building Energy Conservation Code.

ACT 636—HB 905 Provides relating to partition by licitation.

ACT 637—HB 918 Provides additional compensation information.

ACT 638—HB 1012 Provides non-emergency medical transportation services under the La. Medicaid program.

ACT 639—HB 1074 Provides information related to absentee ballots.

ACT 640—HB 1081 Provides school bus information.


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