Not a scam! Homeowners receiving city-authorized letters offering optional utility line service coverage




Letter provides optional service line repair coverage;

City officials: Plan offers protection

for unexpected and costly repairs

QUICK CITY, SD— Many city residents will again be receiving letters this week regarding an optional exterior service line protection plan available to homeowners.

City officials remind homeowners that the letters — from Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) — have city approval and that the proposed protection plan is not a scam. The letters provide information on a protection plan providing coverage for interior plumbing and drainage systems, exterior sewer/septic lines, and exterior water lines.

Through its membership in the National League of Cities, Rapid City is able to offer the Service Line Protection Plan which is administered by SLWA, a subsidiary of HomeServe.

In August 2018, the city partnered with Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) to offer the optional coverage. City residents receive an introductory letter about the protection plan, followed by reminder correspondence within a few weeks. The City has authorized SLWA/HomeServe to use the City’s name and logo on all marketing and mailing materials, including correspondence.

To date, approximately 1,379 Rapid City homeowners have enrolled in Water Line and Sewer Line Protection Plans, for a total of more than 2,723 policies. Since the program’s launch in Rapid City, SLWA/HomeServe reports that 252 claims have been filed for repairs and a total of $439,267 in customer savings.

There is no cost to the City to offer the voluntary coverage plan to homeowners and it is offered as a result of the City’s membership in the National League of Cities.

“It’s been a great partnership over the past few years between the city and Service Line Warranties of America,” said city public works manager Dale Tech. “It is important for landlords to realize that service line repairs are the responsibility of the landlord, up until their line connects to the main network. This sometimes includes a portion under the street. basic home insurance or by the City.

The protection plan provides up to $8,500 per service call for covered water main repairs and covered sewer/septic repairs. The letter explains coverage, provides examples of plan coverage, important questions and answers, an acceptance form, and contact information for SLWA/HomeServe, which works with local contractors for repairs.

“Repairs can often cost several thousand dollars,” Tech said. “These plans provide an affordable solution for repairs. The company works with local licensed contractors for repairs. The City does not incur any expense related to this program. The plans are voluntary and homeowners can choose partial or full coverage .”

Coverage begins 30 days after acceptance by HomeServe. Plans do not cover pre-existing conditions.

Owners work with SLWA/HomeServe on complaints via a 24 hour hotline. SLWA/HomeServe will send a local licensed contractor to work with owners. There are no service charges or deductibles and HomeServe, not the City, handles the billing and claims process.

Tech says the City’s role as a partner in the program is to grant SLWA/HomeServe the right to offer and market optional service line warranties to owners of residential single-family dwellings within the limits of the city.


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