Medical Vein Clinic Announces Expansion of Services to Treat Patients with Lymphatic Disease


Edema (swelling) caused by varicose veins or venous insufficiency is the main cause of lymphedema. Dr Trock brings years of experience as a LANA Certified Lymphedema Specialist to the clinic. He is dedicated to the assessment and education of patients as well as the development of home treatment plans to resolve the pain and swelling of the veins associated with venous disease. It also provides specialist advice and treatment for people with lymphedema.

“Early detection and treatment of venous and lymphatic disease is essential to prevent patients from experiencing a decline in physical function and becoming debilitated,” noted Dr. John hogg, founder of Medical Vein Clinic. “With Dr Trock on our team, we can extend the care of our patients with leg swelling far beyond the clinic. He teaches them techniques they can apply at home to prevent and minimize lymphatic health problems for a better quality of life. “

“This is a huge opportunity for me to work alongside two of the best doctors – Dr Hogg and Dr Medina – in the treatment of people with venous disease,” said Dr Trock. “There are a lot of nuances when it comes to diagnosis and treatment. Lymphedema – especially in the legs – often goes undiagnosed. It is very rewarding to be able to help patients get the care they need to make them feel better. “

Dr. Trock holds bachelor’s and doctoral degrees in physiotherapy from UT Health San Antonio and has applied his knowledge of lymphatic disease to patient care for over a decade. Dr Trock is a subject matter expert and speaks nationally on the topics of lymphatic disease and lymphedema.

About the vein medical clinic

Medical Vein Clinic has treated thousands of patients with venous and lymphatic disease, helping them lead fuller, healthier lives. Founded by John hogg, MD in 2017, joined by the partner clinic Joshua Medina, MD, the clinic’s non-surgical treatments using state-of-the-art equipment are covered by medical insurance. Medical Vein Clinic is located on Isom Road, between North Star Mall and the San Antonio The international airport and its team members speak fluent Spanish. For appointments, please call 210-622-8000 or visit their website:

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