Journal of Disability Policy Studies publishes research papers in December 2021 edition


London, England, 25 octoberThe Journal of Disability Policy Studies, a peer-reviewed journal that claims to address varying ethical, policy and legal issues related to people with disabilities, has published research articles on the following topics in its december 2021 editing:

Research papers:

* ACA Medicaid extensions and employment of disabled adults

* Transition to Adulthood with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Population Cohort Longitudinal Study of Socioeconomic Outcomes

* Wages and employment of people with disabilities based on productivity: international use and policy considerations

* The Ontario Disability Support Program Exit Process: Parallel to Hostage Negotiation

* Application of Coffee of the world disability issues: a systematic review

* From NCLB to ESSA: Implications for teacher preparation and policy

* Disproportionate corporal punishment of students with disabilities and black and Hispanic students

Brief report:

* Perspectives on health policy for people with disabilities

The december 2021 edition of the Journal of Disability Policy Studies can be viewed on The Journal is published by Sage publications.


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