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STATESVILLE, NC — Despite rolling fields and cows, a Statesville woman says life in the Castlegate community hasn’t been entirely peaceful.

Joanne Christman showed the photos of Action 9’s Jason Stoogenke that she said she took after Tuesday’s heavy rain.

“What we need help with is grading, impoundment, water under the house,” Christman explained.

“When we started talking to our neighbors we saw they had the same issues. So we started banding together,” she said. “We call ourselves Castlegate United.”

The group complained to the builder, Virgle Ray Short Jr.

“We weren’t getting results. It was just delay after delay and excuse after excuse,” Christman said. “Problem avoidance, lack of accountability, lack of communication, just a lot of problems rolled into one.”

Christman says she has filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau and at least two state agencies, but the developer still hasn’t resolved the issues.

Other neighbors, including Steve Bowman, worry that when Short finishes the neighborhood, the homeowners association will inherit the problems. “As the homeowners association is entrusted to us when the last house is built, what problems do we face for lack of attention before that?” He asked.

Bowman asked Iredell County to investigate whether Short followed all permit and code rules.

Stoogenke tried to contact Short several times, but he didn’t respond in time for this report.

Action 9 indicates that erosion problems can be difficult to solve for these reasons:

— The manufacturer’s warranty may not cover erosion problems.

— Some people have a home warranty, which is essentially a service contract. It usually covers things like appliances, but not erosion.

— Home insurance would usually not help in this case either.

— One of the few options a homeowner may have is to take legal action.

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