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Director of Health Promotion and Education Modou Njaisaid the national health insurance scheme is for everyone.

Njai said this in an interview with this reporter amid the ongoing mass registration to find out if the documents submitted for the registration process will be kept safe and protected.

“The National health insurance is for everyone who lives in the Gambia and for those who came to Gambia. Valid national documents required are passport and driver’s license etc to show that one has lived in the country for at least three months,” he said; that the purpose of mass registration is to ensure that everyone has access to a membership card, in order to have access to National health insurance and affordable health services.

“We know that out-of-pocket expenses are very high and to reduce them we need to introduce the national health insurance scheme. To join the scheme, you need to get the membership card,” he said. He said currently they are registering those who have birth certificates.

“Those who have birth certificates and are between 0 and 17 years old must be registered by their parents because they are minors,” he said. that the required documents are child welfare card and birth certificate to be presented for registration, adding that these are documents that are prepared, scanned and stored in the system.

“When you have the National health insurance membership card, it will be linked to the national identification number (NIN) for the birth certificate and the identity card so that you have a unique number for the birth certificate, the identity card and the insurance card. Birth certificate is for Gambians, but if you are not Gambian, you are not supposed to register for birth certificate, but must present passport, driver’s license, in order to acquire the card insurance. The birth certificate is only valid for Gambians, but the National health insurance is for everyone,” Njai said that at the start of the recording they had an internet challenge that made it difficult to operate their equipment and access their systems. He further stated that it slowed down the process, causing people to queue for a long time, but with their daily briefing, they are able to meet the challenges.

“At the beginning, people did not have clear information about registration. This led some people to register with an unstamped Alkalo certificate. They did not know that the certificates had to be stamped by the mayor (in KMC and Banjul) or stamped by the chef (if it is Kombo North),” he said.

He said they explained to people that documents are legal and when dealing with such legal documents they must adhere to all procedures, and as such he explained to people that when the Alkalo does the certificate, it must be approved. by the mayor or stamped by the chief.

“The insurance will accompany everyone and can be used by the registered person at any time in government hospitals. foreigners, to take our papers”, he advised.

“The National health insurance is purely for everyone, but let’s protect our documents. We have a server where all documents are kept safe and protected. All documents taken by the recording teams will be kept safe, protected and confidential.”


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