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Germans and their all-inclusive mentality

October 3, 2018 | Money | No Comments

The “tighten belt”, the Germans do not want. If you prefer to do without children or a new kitchen, you prefer to go on holiday, to a luxury resort, or buy an expensive, sleek car. But even if inflation rose and the cost of living skyrocketed, Germans would still pay in with the many insurance companies they have. In addition to the necessary car insurance (usually in the form of a comprehensive insurance), there are many other insurance, the Germans have completed, usually many years ago. But most are missing the really important insurance in the household. These include supplementary health insurance or private pension insurance and legal protection. Especially today, when people often attack each other earlier than before, it is more important than ever to have such insurance.

Posts very high 

Most Germans want to be protected just in case. Therefore, it does not bother even if after 12 months of repeated maturity again a contribution increase flutters into the house. The pain threshold is far from reached in many. However, it is a fact that contracts are renewed automatically every 12 months, if you do not cancel them 3 months in advance or a month before, like in car insurance . That contracts simply expire after a few years – that is rare in Germany. The insurance industry makes every effort to ensure that its agents work customer-oriented. But as long as these bonuses are received you will probably achieve no respectability. The representatives are sometimes much too “money”. The contributions are very high. Every year, Germans pay about 54 billion euros for their insurance.

Full insurance required?



But even with the most expensive insurance – the car insurance – but the question is to ask whether the full insurance (all-around carefree) is really necessary. Often, the services also overlap. This is especially true in car insurance. And a car over 10 years old does not necessarily have to be fully covered. The partial coverage is sufficient here completely. You can save a lot of costs. Direct insurers are cheaper. But the comparison of the offers of insurance is worthwhile, which have a local branch. Personal contact is also worth a lot.

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