Flood insurance will now be rated differently for homeowners


Around Acadiana, some residents will see a decrease in homeowner flood insurance.

“They changed all that, so now each house is individually rated based on a few different factors. Is it close to a flood source, coastal water bodies, lava flows, bayous and things like that? nature? And we see big differences here,” said insurance agent Patrick Painter.

According to the FEMA Risk Rating County Breakdown, in most parishes around Acadiana, homeowners will see their flood insurance costs go down.

However, there are some parishes where homeowners may see an increase in their flood insurance.

In St. Landry Parish, 1.5% of residents will see a monthly increase of $40 to $50.

In St. Mary, 2.5% of residents will see a monthly increase of $40 to $50.

In Vermillion Parish, 1.9% of residents will see a monthly increase of $40 to $50.

“You can have these houses that have slurries running through their backyards but are in zone X because they’re built to have enough. But they have water in their house once in a while,” said said Painter.

The painter also gives advice on how flood insurance may be reduced in your area.

“Retention ponds help rates. There are hurdles these people will have to jump through to prove they’re there, have them pointed out by FEMA, but they’re definitely a big factor in keeping flood waters out. in people’s houses” Painter added.


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