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Ethics and ecology seem to appeal to an increasing number of people. More environmentally friendly alternatives are already being offered, for example for cars, food, electricity and clothing. However, it is important to remember that even with small choices, private consumers can act responsibly. Instead of switching your consumption to buying boycotts, you can take your own spending in a more responsible direction by following a few simple guidelines. ABC of Responsible Consumption, Please!

Responsible consumption is deliberate consumption

Responsible consumption is deliberate consumption

Responsible consumption could be briefly described as prudent consumption. The first thing to do is always to think about whether you really need to make the purchase you want. For this reason, responsible spending often turns even to save. You can even save your money to save for a bad day.

Unnecessary goods are not only a waste of money, but also an extra burden on the environment. When you buy products that will not be used or discarded immediately after first use, the entire production process of the product will be wasted. However, this does not mean that all consumption is bad, because, no matter how we wish, self-sufficiency is not a very viable option in today’s society.

So when you buy something, it’s worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the life cycle of the product and its production process. It is good for an ecologically minded consumer to consider, for example, where the product is made from, where the product’s materials come from, and whether its materials are durable or disposable before shopping. Products manufactured locally require less energy to transport them, which does not require the product’s ecological footprint.

Product materials should focus on quality and durability. There is no immediate need to renew a quality product, which decrease consumption. Also, products that can be repaired by the time they are broken are a greener option than those that have to be discarded when the first failure occurs. Also, before you buy, it is a good idea to consider the potential for product disposal and how easy it is to recycle.

Consumer and brand names help with responsibility

Consumer and brand names help with responsibility

But how do you know that the product you want is responsibly manufactured? One of the great and easy gauges is the various consumer and brand names, whose criteria are constantly updated and carefully maintained.

The key ticket is about a domestic product. By favoring domestic, you reduce the energy emissions of the product when transporting the product from production to the consumer does not require air or sea travel. At the same time, you support Finnish work!

The Swan Flag, or the sign of Good Finland

The Swan Flag, or the sign of Good Finland

The Good Finland brand, also known as the Swan Flag, is a symbol of Finnish food. It’s also a good idea to avoid wasting food by planning ahead and buying just what you need. Also look at harvest products – you will get a variation in your diet and get the most out of Finnish nature. You can also pay attention to the organic sun sign when shopping for food. Organic production puts less strain on the environment than conventionally produced food.

Fair trade

Fair trade

The Fair Trade system seeks to improve the position of small farmers and farm workers in developing countries in international trade, with the aim of reducing poverty through trade. Especially with products such as chocolate and coffee, you should always favor Fair Trade products. Fair Trade strives to pay its employees, in addition to a certain guaranteed price, Fair Trade, which goes to projects that benefit local communities. These include education and health. The Fair Trade system also includes environmental criteria aiming at sustainable cultivation and biodiversity conservation.


There are new times now and it requires modern services. Before the information society, competition was very limited, we chose the products and services based on habits, recommendations and according to what our relatives have done for generations.

When much of the trade moved onto the Internet came a new opportunity – to quickly compare the price of goods and services. It took a little longer before Good Finance came to focus on services, as they are difficult to compare because of their differences. With advanced technology we can now also compare more complicated services such as loans.

Are you paying too much for your loans?


Set the lenders against each other and compare their best offers, it gives you the best position to borrow money quickly with low interest and good terms. Comparing loans online is convenient, easy and you will be notified quickly.

This is the end of running around and chasing lenders, or sitting in long telephone queues to try to get hold of your bank. You no longer have to dance after the bank’s pipe and risk getting a no straight in the face. Stop paying too much for your loans, make like a smart consumer – compare loans!

Now you decide

Good Finance are driven to strengthen your position as a borrower in relation to the lender. We understand that competition is the key to good loan terms and thus developed intelligent and powerful services that make it easy to set lenders against each other and compare their best deals.

You no longer have to wait for hours at the bank to talk to your personal banker. You do not have to, face to face, explain your personal situation and ask the bank to lend you money. Now the lenders are instead asking YOU to lend money. It’s a revolution that you should definitely take advantage of. Do not go the comfortable way and take the first loan offer that pops up, there will your wallet thank you for.

World class customer service


Our customer service is always there for you if you need, all weekdays by phone and mail. When you apply for a loan through Good Finance, we give you always 30 days to think, so you have plenty of time to think before you decide.

You can use the money for whatever you want and have plenty of time to ponder. Should you regret, you can repay the entire loan whenever you want at no extra cost.

Does Good Finance only take credit information?

Does Good Finance only take credit information?

Yes, we only do one credit report that the lenders can then share. You can get multiple request copies from the lenders who have looked at your credit report.

By law, you always called omfrågningskopior from those who took part of the credit report. The copies are only information to you as a borrower and do not affect your credit rating.

How can Good Finance be free?

Applying for a loan with Good Finance are completely free and there are no interest charges or hidden costs. This is possible by charging a fee from the lenders to Good Finance. The lenders would like to be seen with Good Finance because it is a marketing channel for them, just like television or radio advertising. Therefore, we have been able to gather so many banks with us. Thus, it is the banks that pay to enable you to compare loans. Free service – just as it should be.

Bank loans for whatever you want

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Found your dream car, a cozy country place or booked your holiday trip? Whatever you need money for, you can apply today and have them in your account shortly.

Taking a loan from the bank was a difficult task in the past, but today there are several shortcuts to take. Before you borrow money, we recommend that you read more in this bank loan guide.

You decide what the money should go to

You decide what the money should go to

There are basically two different types of loans; loans with collateral and loans without collateral. To get a loan with collateral, you need to pledge any of your assets, such as your home. If you miss multiple payments, the lender may, in the worst case, sell your assets forcibly.

When you take out a loan without collateral, it is instead the future ability to pay that is assessed, that is, your income in relation to your expenses.

When you borrow unsecured, the bank has no point of view on what you are using the money for. You may want to do that renovation of the kitchen you always dreamed of, buy a car or boat or why not go on vacation? It’s all up to you. Many also choose to settle smaller loans and credits by taking a single loan at a better interest rate.

How do I get the lowest interest rate on my bank loans?

Many people are obviously wondering how they can get the lowest interest rate on a loan from the bank. The simplest answer to the question is – compare with several lenders! Different lenders have different terms and assess your finances based on their criteria. In addition, there are newer lenders who are prepared to take higher risks and provide lower interest rates. Increased competition in the loan market is pushing down interest rates and fees on loans.

Comparing loans and loan terms yourself is a very tedious process. Just the idea of ​​hard application forms or long telephone queues causes many to give up.

Good Finance has therefore developed a comparison tool to increase the chances of borrowers being matched with a good loan. By forcing lenders to offer you their best deals, Good Finance helps you get the best possible loan terms and interest rates. It’s simple, free of charge – and you get answers quickly!

Can I redeem the loan early?

Yes, you can redeem your loan at any time. Should it be that you no longer need or want the money, you just pay back the loan. It costs nothing extra and you can do it anytime you want. You can also pay off parts of the loan early.

Can I change my bank loans to a collateral loan?

Can I change my bank loans to a collateral loan?

If you already have several bank loans or other credits before, you can choose to combine these into a single larger loan. The benefits of collecting their loans and credits are that you get a more favorable interest rate, you avoid more fees and invoice fees and better control of your finances. In addition, you can choose a longer term on the loan, ie you pay off the loan for a longer period. This way you get a much better economy every month and can make something more fun for the money.

A big advantage of collecting loans is that your finances look more stable. A person who has many small credits gives the impression of having poor financial behavior. Lenders penalize a person’s irresponsibly managed finances with a poor credit rating.

A bad credit rating can make it difficult to get a new loan. If you choose to take out a collateral loan, it shows responsibility, because you are taking hold of your finances. You get control over your costs and the stress over your finances decreases.