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How to borrow money via payday loan in Sweden

December 28, 2018 | Money | No Comments

Swedish credit cards

As in Denmark, it is also possible to get credit cards in Sweden as an alternative to traditional loans. When you use the credit card, you will be deducted from your credit. You only borrow the exact amount you have purchased. Credit cards can, therefore, be a better choice than ordinary loans if you regularly need to borrow small amounts.

Loans from private

Here, there are no direct loans between private individuals, but it is still private borrowing. We have gathered providers offering payday loans where the money comes from private. You own the loan at the provider, but the money for the loan comes from other private individuals. If you have money left over, you can get a good interest rate if you borrow money to the provider. The actual provider is thus a kind of intermediary who guarantees the loan, but the money comes from private individuals and is lent to private individuals.

Collective loans in Sweden

If you already have several different loans, then fees may apply. easily run up in a lot of money. Therefore, it may make sense with a collateral loan, where all the previous loans are redeemed and instead collect in one major loan with lower interest rates and fewer fees.

Financing of houses in Sweden

We have now reviewed all the many possibilities for consumer loans in Sweden. However, if you have bought real estate in Sweden, it is probably a completely different type of loan that you are looking for.

In Denmark, you will often take a mortgage when you buy real estate. However, this is especially for Denmark and is not found in Sweden. You can not borrow money abroad with mortgage bonds. Nor can you take a Danish mortgage loan for a Swedish residence. It is possible to borrow in their Danish bank for purchase of property in Sweden, but often you will get better terms with a loan in a Swedish bank. For example, it is usually in Sweden to take 50-year loans for housing purchases, and 60-year loans are possible.

In Swedish banks, you must pay at least 15% of the property for purchase. Ie that you can only borrow 85% of the value of the property. By comparison, Denmark can borrow 80% of the value of the property through mortgage bonds, while borrowing the last 20% in the bank. However, this applies to house purchases in Denmark. If you borrow from a Danish bank for home purchases in Sweden, you will probably be met with the same requirement for a maximum of 85% loan.

The Swedish mortgage is often divided into 3 parts. A loan of 70% with a long maturity (often 50 years), a 15% short term with a short maturity (often 10 years), and your 15% payout, which you can not borrow from the bank. The percentages here may differ in your bank and possibly. depend on your credit rating.

The mortgage loan is regarded as the safe part of your loan. If your home is to be sold, you expect to be able to get these 70% back, ie that the selling price is at least 70% of your purchase price. Therefore, the base loan can be made at a reasonable rate. Often, the loan is divided into several parts with different interest periods. This is to make your loan less sensitive to interest rate hikes. If interest rates go up, it’s not your entire mortgage loan that rises in price at once.

The top loan has a higher interest rate than the base loan. It is more uncertain whether your house can be sold to at least 85% of your purchase price. Therefore, this part of your loan is at higher risk to the bank. This means that the bank takes a high-interest rate to cover uncertainty. They have to make money here that can pay for cases where the buyer can not pay back. For the same reason, you make this part of the loan significantly shorter, so you can quickly get rid of the expensive part of the loan. It is both in the bank’s and buyers’ interest to lower the loan to 70% of the value of the property as soon as possible. This makes the loan cheaper for you as a buyer, and it lowers the bank’s risk as the likelihood of loss of a sale will be much less.

If you can not obtain a bank loan in Sweden or in a Danish bank, you sometimes use a sales bank. The seller is interested in selling the house, and since you can not borrow from the bank, the seller is willing to lend you some of the money instead. It is called the seller mortgage, as the seller just gets a mortgage in the property. Ie If you do not repay the loan to the seller, then the seller can take over the property again.

Compare car insurance can help save

December 6, 2018 | Money | No Comments

It is common nowadays to save everywhere where it is possible. This concerns at least the average consumer. There are numerous ways to save, for example, purchasing special offers, changing electricity providers or making a comparison of the car insurance Switzerland .
Such a comparison is usually possible once a year, in exceptional cases more often. For example, if you sell your vehicle, the new car can be insured by a new insurer. The same applies if the current insurance comes into effect because of a loss.

Photo: Benjamin Klack /


Compare several car insurance with each other

That’s a relatively simple thing. You only need to register or sign up for a comparison portal on the Internet and click on “Compare car insurance “. After the most important data such as name, date of birth, place of residence etc. are entered, the comparison can be carried out.
Subsequently, with the help of an insurance calculator the best auto insurance can be found.
Again, the computer must be fed with important data. Once these have been entered, the insurance calculator calculates eligible insurances within a few minutes. These are listed by a table, you just have to print them, then the different offers can be compared in peace.
If you have found the best insurer, nothing stands in the way of a change to the new insurer. Only complete the application form on the PC, then send it to the new insurer by e-mail. The termination at the old insurer takes over the new insurance. The new insurance policy will be sent by post.

Points to note

You should always keep in mind and keep in mind, the cheapest insurance is not always the cheapest. The decisive factor is always the price and performance ratio. What good is a cheap car insurance if the services are poor?
Always read the fine print here!

For example, what good is a cheap comprehensive insurance if the excess is disproportionately high?
Also, once a year, an accident should be free, without you immediately classified several classes higher. A free, detailed and non-binding advice should also be a matter of course.

Conclusion: A car insurance can help you save money. After all, no one has to give away his well-earned money. Ultimately, it is always important that the price and performance ratio is right. A good price-performance ratio decides whether it is a good insurance or not.

The gender, the nationality and also the age of a driver in Switzerland are criteria that can greatly influence the premium level at the car insurance Switzerland . In some cases, premiums can be up to three times higher than for a middle-aged Swiss driver. For seniors over 70 years, the surcharge can be 30 percent. Women get cheaper premiums that are about 10 percent lower than men’s. This is very unusual for Switzerland, since it was not until 1971 that women were allowed to vote. And people of foreign nationality can even expect surcharges of up to 40 to 45 percent. In the worst case, therefore, a foreigner over the age of 70 applies for car insurance in Switzerland – which is particularly expensive.

In comparison: young people


But you pay even more in Switzerland when you’re young and just got your ticket. About 2.5 times as much as a senior over the age of 70 pay young people. In Switzerland, the partial insurance covers only damage events that do not depend on driving behavior. Most insurance companies offer three age groups in Switzerland. Of course, the fully comprehensive insurance is also much more expensive in Switzerland than the partial comprehensive insurance. With the seniors it depends also very strongly on the insurance company. For some, the contributions are no higher than those for middle-aged adults.

Women often disadvantaged in premiums

Something with which emigrants, in particular, can not count on, is that many in Switzerland still think that women should not have been given the right to vote. Instead, in the traditional role allocation, they still see the woman as a housewife and mother. Officially, this has nothing to do with the Swiss national pride or misogyny. In the meantime, however, it is precisely what insurance in Switzerland is about, that one thinks here a bit more equal. Women and men receive the same premium offers for car insurance. But this is also due to the fact that there are now international cooperations behind the insurance companies in Switzerland.

ERGO car insurance in the test

November 21, 2018 | Money | No Comments

The ERGO Insurance Group has been awarded good marks in numerous tests. This is the test verdict in the Focus Money issue on “Top Motor Insurers”. Even with the Stiftung Warentest the direct insurance in the basic liability insurance can achieve the rating “better than better” than the average. What the provider from Dusseldorf within the car insurance can still offer, you will find out in the following article.

With a change of insurance drivers can save several hundred euros a year, according to experts. Where not only the price is right, but also convince the achievements, you can find out with our comparison.

Ergo Direct with 77.9% according to German consumer studies society

  • 1 Europe 83.9% 2.07 | Well
  • 2 DEVK 83.5% 2.10 | Well
  • 3 HUK-Coburg 82.6% 2.16 | Well
  • 4 81,6% 2,23 | Well
  • 5 Sparkassen DirektVersicherung 81,4% 2,24 | Well
  • 6 CosmosDirect 79.4% 2.37 | Well
  • 7 AllSecur 78.3% 2.45 | Well
  • 8 Ergo Direct 77.9% 2.47 | Well
  • 9 Itzehoer 77.5% 2.50 | Well
  • 10 HUK24 77.4% 2.51 | satisfying
  • 11 wgv 77.1% 2.53 | satisfying
  • 12 DA Direct 77.0% 2.53 | satisfying
  • 13 Asstel 76.2% 2.59 | satisfying
  • 14 Axa 75.8% 2.61 | satisfying
  • 15 HDI 75.1% 2.66 | satisfying
  • 16 Gothaer 75.0% 2.66 | satisfying
  • 17 BavariaDirect 75.0% 2.67 | satisfying
  • 18 VHV 74.8% 2.68 | satisfying
  • 19 Europe-go 74.7% 2.69 | satisfying
  • 20 R + V24 71.5% 2.90 | satisfying
  • 21 Direct Line 71.5% 2.90 | satisfying
  • 22 Allianz 70.9% 2.94 | satisfying
  • 23 AdmiralDirect 70.6% 2.96 | satisfying
  • 24 R + V 70.0% 3.00 | satisfying
  • 25 Concordia 67.5% 3.16 | satisfying

Costs in comparison of the Stiftung Warentests in Basis and Premium

Costs in comparison of the Stiftung Warentests in Basis and Premium

At Stiftung Warentest, the specialist notes focus on the costs of car insurers. The general contribution level of car insurance is tested. In comparison, the variants are in the tariff terms Basis and Premium. In the test category 20-year-old driver in the motor vehicle liability, Ergo Direkt receives the best test result “far better” than other insurance companies. Less good ratings can be achieved in the partial and full coverage categories.

Good conditions and experiences also in the DISQ test

Good conditions and experiences also in the DISQ test


The service and contract services are also in the test report of the German Institute for Service Quality DISQ. A distinction is made between the KF insurance form branch insurers and direct insurers. In the test issue of direct insurers, ERGO Direkt achieved a good score of 73.8 points in comparison. Test winner with 84.0 points can become the Cosmos direct insurance:

  • 1 Cosmos Direkt 84.0 very good
  • 2 Allsecur 83.3 very good
  • 3 Hannoversche 80.9 very good
  • 4 R + V24 78.6 good
  • 5 HUK24 78.1 good
  • 6 DA Direct 74.7 good
  • 7 Ergo Straight 73.8 good
  • 8 savings banks direct insurance 72.8 well
  • 9 Direct Line 72.2 good
  • 10 Europe 70.6 good
  • 11 Asstel 69,2 satisfactory

The service and contract services are awarded with a good test result.

Conditions of the branch insurance in the test report


In addition to the direct insurance, the branch insurance companies are also compared. ERGO can also participate in this area, as it provides both the direct offer and the branch offer. The HUK-COBURG offers both types of motor insurance. The direct insurer is the Huk24. Test winner is the DEVK driver insurance:

  • 1 DEVK 83.7 very good
  • 2 HUK-Coburg 81.0 very good
  • 3 ADAC 77.7 good
  • 4 Württembergische 77.0 good
  • 5 Zurich 74.1 good
  • 6 R + V 73.6 good
  • 7 Kravag insurance 72.5 good
  • 8 Debeka 71.9 good
  • 9 Gothaer 71.9 good
  • 10 SV Sparkassen insurance 71.3 good
  • 11 LVM 71.1 good
  • 12 VHV 70.9 good
  • 13 HDI 69.9 satisfactory
  • 14 Alliance 68.7 satisfactory
  • 15 Axa 67.6 satisfactory
  • 16 Itzehoer 67.6 satisfactory
  • 17 signal Iduna 67.4 satisfactory
  • 18 Ergo 65,6 satisfactory
  • 19 Aachen-Munich 65.5 satisfactory
  • 20 Generali 58.5 sufficient

The test rating is “satisfactory” and can not exceed the eighteenth place overall.

Focus-Money tests customer experience

Focus-Money tests customer experience


The journal Focus Money not only tests the top car insurers, it also asks customers about the conditions. Nearly 3,000 motorists rate the car insurance offer of Ergo Direkt motor insurance as good. In addition, the insurer achieves a good mark in the report on fair customer service. The test categories price-performance ratio, product range and customer advice are tested by the insurer. In the field of service insurers, ERGO Autoversicherung can achieve the title of “top motor vehicle insurer”.

DFSI is testing the tariffs ERGO long-term guarantee with theft protection


Conditions of insurance in basic tariff also for second car SF class up to 2

Conditions of insurance in basic tariff also for second car SF class up to 2


The conditions of the insurer from Dusseldorf are taken in the comparison test under the magnifying glass. If you want to insure your second car up to a damage-free class of 2, you have the right to a rebate protection in the variant partial cover. The Ergo direct base rate offers a protection that can be rated “better”. This applies to the test customers aged 20, 40 and 60 years.

ERGO in the N24 ranking


  • 1 DEVK 86.1% 1.9 | Well
  • 2 HUK-Coburg 85.5% 2.0 | Well
  • 3 VHV 82.5% 2.2 | Well
  • 4 wgv 82.5% 2.2 | Well
  • 5 Ergo Direct 82.4% 2.2 | Well
  • 6 AllSecur 82.0% 2.2 | Well
  • 7 Europe 82.0% 2.2 | Well
  • 8 80,5% 2,3 | Well
  • 9 Axa 80.2% 2.3 | Well
  • 10 DA Direct 80.0% 2.3 | Well
  • 11 HUK24 80.0% 2.3 | Well
  • 12 Sparkassen DirektVersicherung 79,8% 2,3 | Well
  • 13 Allianz 78.9% 2.4 | Well
  • 14 Gothaer 78.6% 2.4 | Well
  • 15 HDI 77.4% 2.5 | Satisfying
  • 16 76.2% 2.6 | Satisfying
  • 17 R + V 74.0% 2.7 | Satisfying
  • 18 Europe-go 74.0% 2.7 | Satisfying
  • 19 Württembergische 73.8% 2.7 | Satisfying
  • 20 Direct Line 73.8% 2.7 | Satisfying
  • 21 Ergo 72.5% 2.8 | Satisfying
  • 22 BavariaDirect 70.2% 3.0 | Satisfying
  • 23 KRAVAG 70.1% 3.0 | Satisfying
  • 24 Basler 66.0% 3.3 | Satisfying
  • 25 R + V24 64.6% 3.4 | Satisfying

Insurance calculator – calculate the terms and complete online

Insurance calculator - calculate the terms and complete online

With an online calculator you can get very favorable conditions and conclude an insurance contract online. The advantage is that auto insurers can be compared in comparison.

Compare car insurance pays off

October 23, 2018 | Money | No Comments

Car insurance should be checked every few years by means of a car insurance comparison , even if there is no need to change the vehicle. Often, however, drivers compare the fare during a vehicle change. If no advisor is present from the basic insurance, unfortunately the first and best available offer with nearby insurance with registration office or at car dealerships is used. Very often this selection is not bad. In particular, car dealerships often find inexpensive conditions with insurance companies through their cooperation. Maybe there is the possibility to get insurance with excellent conditions. Ask for the best discounts, get them with a little luck. The internet is an optimal basis to make inquiries and get offers. You should do this a few days before buying a car.

Not all car insurance companies are independent

Not all car insurance companies are independent


The terms and conditions of the insurance companies are compared by numerous rate calculators. The best offers are listed here. However, not all comparison portals work autonomously and all insurers are taken into account. Some providers will receive a commission like a broker if they take out insurance through their side. About possible cooperations is sufficient to have a look in the imprint. The tariff calculator of Stiftung Warentest, for example, works independently. However, the evaluation will be charged with five euros. Secure information can be obtained from the Federation of Insured Persons (BdV) through a free comparison of insurances. At a change in the motor insurance earns according to own data of the BdV nothing. When comparing offers, you should focus not only on the price, but also on the terms of the contract.

Consider price / quality ratio

Consider price / quality ratio


With the liability insurance a minimum coverage of 100 million euros is recommended. Gross negligence should be included as well as damage from collision with any kind of animal and its consequential damages. Non-contributory coinsurance should be provided with optional extras such as built-in navigation devices. With new vehicles not only the time value, but as long as the new value should be paid. If you do not want to change your car insurance, you can still try to negotiate cheaper terms. Often car insurance companies offer a recalculation, if you persistently ask for it or even threaten with the termination. Car insurance is generally cheaper if the car has only one driver or you belong to a selected professional group, such as the public service.

Car insurance – expensive for seniors

October 22, 2018 | Money | No Comments

Even if you can hardly believe it, but also seniors pay many insurance for much more for their liability and their collision than you think. If they have gone down even further, today it is the case that many insurance companies also regard older motorists as a potential danger to road traffic. And that is no accident. For now studies prove that many older people are no longer physically able to drive a car, but do it anyway. The reason for this is ultimately that they simply do not want to travel by public transport and therefore fall back on the car, even though they may not even feel so comfortable with the fact that they expose themselves to road traffic. The car insurance paid the seniors grumbling therefore, however. So the higher contributions are not part of the background that insurance companies know that senior citizens can afford the insurance anyway through their pension.

 Just as punished as young people

 Just as punished as young people

Ultimately, however, it is the case that older people are now self-employed for much longer. That is, they ultimately try to save elsewhere, just so they can continue to afford their car. Seniors do not have the right to a lower contribution rating. It is indeed a matter of judgment, because if the insurance seniors equated with novice drivers and the whole thing is therefore quite expensive. However, the elderly do not usually have the advantage that they could take out their insurance on the children. That is not the case with many insurance companies.

Give the pencil out of hand on time

Give the pencil out of hand on time

For this reason, it makes sense that the senior citizens realize in time that driving them may be too expensive. And they can then save the money and maybe even take a trip. This can help them really enjoy the evening of their lives. A whole series of tips on how to save on car insurance in old age, there are of course. This includes the restriction that you drive no more than 9000 km per year. Many seniors do not do this anymore. They only drive for shopping or drinking coffee in the countryside.

Car Insurance in Sweden

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Sweden is a popular emigration country for Germans.

Sweden is a popular emigration country for Germans.


The proximity to the North Pole and the Northern Lights and much more … If you have chosen Sweden as your new home, you usually take your car with you as well. And then you need a Swedish car insurance in Sweden. One should know that the insurance in Sweden are subject to different regulations than the insurance in Germany. The insurance companies have very funny names from the point of view of Germans. Hemförsäkring, for example, is Swedish household contents insurance. This is similar to the German form of home contents insurance and includes a travel insurance and a legal expenses insurance. The Livförsäkring is the life insurance, which occurs in the event of death with benefits. And the Barnförsäkringar is a special child insurance, which pays compensation in the event of illness or disability in children.

Further insurance

Further insurance

Then there is the Pensionsförsäkring in Sweden, a pension scheme that increases the pension when the retirement age is reached and the normal pension is insufficient. Finally, the Bilsförsäkring is the Swedish car insurance company. In Sweden there are no damage-free discounts as in Germany. Instead, it depends on how long the insured has the driver’s license . A maximum of 15 years is taken into account. If several insurance policies are taken out with an insurance, a discount may be negotiated or it will be offered at the same time. The insurance does not play a role for the foreigner in Sweden.

Cost of living Sweden

Cost of living Sweden

The insurance in Sweden is quite expensive. But not really more expensive than in Germany. The cost of living is comparable to that in Germany. But in the end, in many areas – including insurance – the Swedes have to pay a lot more. Of course you can compare insurance in Sweden as well. However, there are not as many as in Germany. Driving there with a German driver’s license is no problem. Most emigrants will sooner or later rewrite their driving license. Also the car has to be re-registered. The fees are also a cost factor that is not to be despised in Sweden. Overall, there are very big differences to Germany and the prices and what you get there and here.

Germans and their all-inclusive mentality

October 3, 2018 | Money | No Comments

The “tighten belt”, the Germans do not want. If you prefer to do without children or a new kitchen, you prefer to go on holiday, to a luxury resort, or buy an expensive, sleek car. But even if inflation rose and the cost of living skyrocketed, Germans would still pay in with the many insurance companies they have. In addition to the necessary car insurance (usually in the form of a comprehensive insurance), there are many other insurance, the Germans have completed, usually many years ago. But most are missing the really important insurance in the household. These include supplementary health insurance or private pension insurance and legal protection. Especially today, when people often attack each other earlier than before, it is more important than ever to have such insurance.

Posts very high 

Most Germans want to be protected just in case. Therefore, it does not bother even if after 12 months of repeated maturity again a contribution increase flutters into the house. The pain threshold is far from reached in many. However, it is a fact that contracts are renewed automatically every 12 months, if you do not cancel them 3 months in advance or a month before, like in car insurance . That contracts simply expire after a few years – that is rare in Germany. The insurance industry makes every effort to ensure that its agents work customer-oriented. But as long as these bonuses are received you will probably achieve no respectability. The representatives are sometimes much too “money”. The contributions are very high. Every year, Germans pay about 54 billion euros for their insurance.

Full insurance required?



But even with the most expensive insurance – the car insurance – but the question is to ask whether the full insurance (all-around carefree) is really necessary. Often, the services also overlap. This is especially true in car insurance. And a car over 10 years old does not necessarily have to be fully covered. The partial coverage is sufficient here completely. You can save a lot of costs. Direct insurers are cheaper. But the comparison of the offers of insurance is worthwhile, which have a local branch. Personal contact is also worth a lot.

Around 2.5 million foreigners live in Switzerland. That’s a respectable share of almost 25 percent in this small Alpine republic. Many of these foreigners not only live in Switzerland, but also work there, mostly on behalf of foreign companies, for which they have already worked in their home country. Of course, there are also emigrants who have turned their backs on Germany or another country in the world and also own a car here. Accordingly, they also need a car insurance Switzerland . Because the liability is mandatory at least in Switzerland as well as in Germany. Unfortunately, foreigners are treated like second-class people when it comes to car insurance premiums. Because the insurance premium is very high for foreigners!

Photo: Benjamin Klack / 


Actuarial Science or Racism? 

Meanwhile, many foreigners are wondering if it really is nationalism that drives the insurance companies to name such high premiums for foreigners or even racism. The fact that Switzerland is not completely free from this is also expressed again and again. For example, a party in a cantonal parliament demanded that crime statistics should be split up according to nationality or whether non-Swiss or Swiss would commit the crime. However, this met with rejection. However, open racism, as in Germany, is rarely practiced in Switzerland. Rather, the unequal treatment of foreigners already happens at the state level. If the insurance, it seems, are directed from there. Officially, however, one hides behind the actuarial science.

Referendum showed true face of the Swiss

Referendum showed true face of the Swiss

Popular referenda are common in Switzerland. But no one attracted so much attention as the 2015, but now it must be decided that there will be an upper limit for the immigration of EU citizens. Inevitably, this could sooner or later hit companies relying on their own foreign-based employees and not Swiss professionals. Switzerland has the problem that there is a real shortage of skilled labor in the country. Would not that ultimately hurt Switzerland’s economy? It will be seen … Yet not the last word has fallen on the government. But as in the UK at Brexit, the will of the people must be implemented.

The former direct insurance of Gothaer Versicherungsbank can not only stand up to the competition in the subject-related test reports, the customer’s experience is also largely positive. For example, ASSTEL’s motor insurance can also prevail in the analysis of serviceValue and Focus Money and achieve the fairness seal. Also in the investigations of the Stiftung Warentest there are top results. With a good test result, the Cologne insurer can also convince in the DISQ study.

The fact that a change in motor insurance is not only cost-saving, the tests show.

The Stiftung Warentest examines family rates

At the Stiftung Warentest, the experts are not just dedicated to conventional insurance, but also the variants for the entire family are being tested. One of the test winners in this important category is also the Cologne car insurance, which has beaten only the AdmiralDirekt. The best 5 in the rate test are:

  • Rank 01: AdmiralDirekt
  • Rank 02: Asstel
  • Rank 03: Direct Line
  • Rank 04: Hannoversche
  • Rank 05: WGV

The family rate can be chosen among the best insurances. All the damages that are connected with the family car are covered by the car insurance.


Interesting providers of motor insurance

Classic liability insurance up to fully comprehensive insurance

Gothaer Versicherung and ASSTEL Direktversicherung have meanwhile been merged and offer sufficient insurance benefits, which also include a replacement value of up to 24 months after admission. There is also an anti-theft device, which provides the replacement value in the first twelve months. The purchase of a used car is sufficiently secured. On-board electronics and other accessories are also included in the comprehensive motor insurance. The motor insurance of the former ASSTEL Autoversicherung provides cover of up to € 10,000. To determine the price of a car insurance, simply use the tariff calculator.

DISQ reports on experiences and tests the best car insurance

In another test report, the customers themselves are interviewed in order to be able to establish a ranking. Test winner will be the renowned Hannoversche Versicherung, which can achieve a very good overall rating. The ranking looks like this:

  1. 1st place: Hannoversche 86,1
  2. 2nd place: CosmosDirekt 85.7
  3. Place 03: Allsecur 85.3
  4. 4th place: HUK24 80.5
  5. Place 05: DA Direkt 78.4
  6. Place 06: Sparkassen Direktversicherung 77,7
  7. Place 07: Ergo Direct 77.6
  8. Place 08: HDI 76.8
  9. Place 09: Direct Line 75.0
  10. 10th place: Europe 74.8
  11. 11th place: Asstel 74.8
  12. 12th place: Other direct insurers

At least 100 customer reviews were required in the investigation in order to obtain a placement. Tested on behalf of the sender for news and news NTV. Find out more about Europe car insurance if you like.

Other benefits in comfort protection

In the midst of car liability is a high coverage in case of damage. Among other things, the loss of the mobile navigation devices, the collision with animals, including the consequential damage, which should come about due to animal bites. In addition, roof avalanches , mudslides and avalanches are covered. Vehicle replacement keys and locks are reimbursed after burglary or robbery. In addition to Gothaer / Asstel insurance, other insurance companies such as HUK Versicherungen are also able to assert themselves in the test reports. You can also see the current test winner rates here.