Budget proposal positions CA as first state to achieve universal health care access and coverage


January 11, 2022

On Monday, January 10, 2022, Gov. Gavin Newsom released his initial California State Budget 2022-2023 proposal. The Administration remains committed to ensuring access to health care for all Californians, devoting more than 22% of the General Fund and total budgets to health spending.

“By positioning California as the first state in the country to fully achieve universal health care access and coverage, Governor Newsom’s bold and balanced budget will strengthen our health care system and protect patients,” said Robert E. Lamentations, MD

Notably, the governor proposed a phased system to provide full Medi-Cal coverage to all income-eligible Californians, regardless of age or documentation status by January 1, 2024. The proposal also maintains full funding. of Proposition 56 (tobacco tax) additional payments, including a replacement of $ 176 million from the General Fund Payment Program due to lower revenue from cigarette taxes.

In conjunction with the efforts of the CMA, the governor also offered $ 400 million in grants to providers to reduce disparities in the health system and improve access and quality of care for preventive child health, care maternity and integrated behavioral health services. The goal of these grants is to help providers access tools that will allow their practices to serve more people who do not have access to quality care.

“We thank the Governor for his leadership in maintaining state funding levels that support patient access to essential Medi-Cal programs, transformative investments in behavioral and mental health care, and innovative incentives to improve equity in health care, ”said Dr Wailes.

The Senate and Assembly budget subcommittees will begin meeting to review and debate the governor’s proposed budget from February, returning to a more normal budget cycle after the last two pandemic budgets. The CMA will remain engaged throughout the budget process to ensure our health systems have the support necessary to provide care to all Californians during the pandemic and beyond.

“Physician offices are facing unprecedented demands and the CMA looks forward to working with the Legislative Assembly and the Governor to ensure that the health care needs of every Californian are met,” said Dr. Wailes .

For more details on the budget as it relates to healthcare, see CMA’s summary of the state budget proposal 2022-2023.

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