Boston Mutual launches regional sales service


Journal & Sun (Canton, Randolph, Holbrook, MA)

Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company announced the launch of its Business Development and One Company Strategic Business Solutions Center.

The new sales department will provide the Cantonlife insurance company based on an opportunity to put more emphasis on distribution within the New England Region.

The business development area will focus on how to further market analysis and leverage the results strategically, with a primary focus on consumer profile research. One Company Solutions to Focus on Small Business Solutions to Extend the Success of the Pilot Launch, Workplace Solutions New England focus on job opportunities in the region and Individual Solutions, an area focused on supporting individual insurance needs.

“Our long-term strategic plans; our unwavering commitment to growth, innovation and diversification; and extensive analysis over the past year have identified the next stage of business development, initially specific to the region, ”said Joshua Police, Executive Vice President. “We are proud to unveil a department solely dedicated to New England clients who leverage our strengths and build on our heritage for future growth, including new ways to reach clients in the region where our company was born 130 years ago.

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