Big change in 2022? CA Dems adopts tough rhetoric against crime | State and regional


“It is time for the reign of the criminals who are destroying our city … to end.” And it ends when we take steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement … and less tolerant of all the bulls that have destroyed our town.

“We need to… make sure those who commit crimes are held to account and that no one gets free passes.”

“The need for a system that can… alert law enforcement to vehicles associated with violent crime, in real time, has never been clearer. “

“Once we had the problem that a lot of people were coming to Melrose to commit a crime, we said, ‘We’ve got to sort this out with everything we’ve got,’ so we put in some extra funding. ‘

“I won’t wait until this holiday season and let these organized groups continue to believe that they can go after California buyers and retailers without any repercussions.”

Those Tuesday comments did not come from Fox News commentators or even California conservatives. They were from California Democrats – San Francisco Mayor London Breed, Attorney General Rob Bonta, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, Los Angeles City Councilor Paul Koretz, and Assembly Member Jacqui Irwin of Thousand Oaks, respectively. – signaling a definitive change in the party’s approach to crime ahead of the 2022 elections.

For example, announcements from politicians on Tuesday:

Breed has proposed increasing overtime funding for the San Francisco Police Department to crack down on drug dealers – and possibly drug users – in the troubled Tenderloin neighborhood.

Bonta is committed to devoting “more resources” to investigating organized theft in retail and to improving collaboration with local law enforcement, retailers and social media platforms – where some networks of thieves are getting organized.

Schaaf called on Gov. Gavin Newsom to deploy license plate readers on Oakland state freeway on and off ramps to help catch thieves, send more California Highway officers Patrol and bring to the attention of its Oakland Flights Retail Theft task force.

Koretz and other city council members have tapped into their own district funds to pay more than $ 1.5 million in overtime for the police as the Los Angeles Police Department works to fill them. vacant jobs.

And Irwin has announced plans to introduce legislation that would once again allow district attorneys to prosecute organized retail theft and similar crimes that often cross county borders.

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The tough rhetoric against crime comes amid a sea of ​​sobering statistics: Oakland Police said Monday they were investigating the 131st homicide of the year – the city’s highest total in a decade. And a report released Tuesday by the Public Policy Institute of California found that rates of homicide, aggravated assault, and violent and property crime were all up in 2021 compared to last year.

The state’s employment development department is also tackling crime, which said on Tuesday it had suspended payments on some disability insurance claims and was subjecting medical and health care providers to a increased scrutiny to stop “a recent decision by organized criminal elements to file bogus disability insurance. claims.”

The ministry, which has already confirmed paying at least $ 20 billion in fraudulent claims, said its actions would help prevent “further fraud” but could result in longer wait times for legitimate claimants.

This article was originally published by CalMatters.

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