Arab Bank launches “Tabeeb Plus” banking package for doctors


As part of its ongoing efforts to provide comprehensive financial solutions to various industries and segments, Arab Bank has recently launched the “Tabeeb Plus” banking package tailored to the banking needs of physicians, whether employed or clinic owners, in their offering a complete and personalized banking service. experience as well as preferential banking benefits.

The benefits of the “Tabeeb Plus” package include a wide range of accounts and deposits to meet the personal and operational needs of local and overseas doctors, complemented by the “Arabi Cross-Border” program, which offers a wide range of banking services across Arab countries. Bank’s regional network. This is in addition to offering “Arabi Access” functionality through “Arabi Online” to manage online bank accounts in multiple countries.

The package also offers financing solutions with benefits and preferential interest rates, including pre-approved auto and personal loans for doctors with a loan term of up to 7 years, and mortgages for clinic owners. with repayment periods of up to 30 years.

The “Tabeeb Plus” package also allows doctors to take advantage of Arab Bank’s “Elite” and “Arabi Premium” programs. Doctors will also enjoy many exclusive benefits through the bank’s credit cards, such as the “Arabi Points” program which allows customers to receive reward points for purchases and redeem the points for cash. They can also pay for purchases made with their Arab Bank credit cards in monthly installments at an interest rate of 0.75%. This is in addition to free access to airport lounges around the world as well as life and total disability insurance under the “Elite” and “Arabi Premium” programs.

Commenting on the services offered by the “Tabeeb Plus” package, Mr. Odeh Al-Masri, Head of Consumer Banking Services at Arab Bank – Bahrain, said: “The launch of the “Tabeeb Plus” package is part of the Arab Bank’s continued efforts to provide distinguished and personalized services to different segments, especially doctors, in recognition of their tireless efforts and humanitarian role. He added, “By offering the ‘Tabeeb Plus’ package, we aim not only to meet the banking needs of physicians, but also to provide them with preferential and exclusive banking benefits and solutions through our network spread across the Middle East region.”

It is worth mentioning that the “Tabeeb Plus” package also allows doctors to benefit from a range of advanced digital banking services provided by Arab Bank to help them carry out their banking transactions around the clock with ease and security, allowing them to save time and effort. Services include, in addition to the “Arabi Mobile” application, instant deposit of cash and checks via Arab Bank ATMs, options for opening savings or current accounts and reservation of deposits online futures with preferential interest rates via the “Arabi Online” service.

* Licensed as a conventional retail and wholesale bank by the CBB. This service is available for our Retail Bank customers – personal accounts only and not for corporate accounts.



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