6 travel tips for international digital nomads | To travel


If you’re overwhelmed with having too many things, it may be more effective to pack outfits so you don’t bring in random clothes that don’t go well together.

3. Bring your prescription (and regular) medications

Before you leave on your international trip, fill out any prescriptions you may need and take them with you. You can also ask your doctor to extend prescriptions or get an early refill due to your travel. Your everyday medications may not be readily available in the country you are traveling to, or you may need to see a doctor to get them, which could be expensive because most state-based health insurance plans – United do not provide overseas coverage.

A small thermometer and other important medications to bring include cold medicine, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and antacids. While these medications are widely available, there are a few basics that might come in handy if you suddenly feel uncomfortable and don’t want to worry about finding the nearest pharmacy. You should be able to pack small amounts suitable for travel for your kit.

4. Consider the international compatibility of devices and pack accordingly.

Voltage and sockets vary by country, so it may seem like all you need to do is bring a converter or adapter to use with all of your small appliances in the house. However, the allowable voltage is important, and if you’re not careful, plugging your US devices into a converter and then onto a wall could overheat (and break) your devices and / or blow a fuse.


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